Thursday, December 26, 2013

When an Ad Speaks to the Heart

My husband who was also watching the Ad looked over at me and said, "Are you crying yet?"

Apple AdOK, I'll admit it.

 Sometimes—(and by sometimes I mean often)—heartfelt TV commercials can make me cry.

This week was no exception; the latest Ad from Apple featured a family getting together with grandparents for Christmas.

All the kids are excited and participating in various greetings and activities, except the teenaged boy who appears to be glued to his iPhone.

The "mom" in me began to get frustrated with him as in every situation the boy seemed to be ignoring the family holiday festivities as he gazed intently at his smart phone's screen.

No doubt I wasn't alone considering the millions of other parents viewing the Ad for the first time.

Apple AdAnd I'm sure I was joined by all of them again in a collective "Ohhhhhh" of revelation when the teen suddenly stood up, switched on the TV and (using his iPhone) played back the poignant home video he had been making of everything that had taken place since the family had arrived.

My husband who was also watching the Ad (and who knows me better than anyone) looked over at me and said, "Are you crying yet?"

I was.

It's a great Ad that depicts how sometimes our teens can be "misunderstood" and that—although on the surface it may not always be evident—they really are appreciating that family who loves them so.

Good job, Apple Advertising, for a pretty great commercial.

Watch it Here.