Monday, June 18, 2012

Nik Wallenda's Walk on Wire "to Inspire" over Niagara Falls

"I believe God has opened many doors for me in my life and this is one of them." –Nik Wallenda
Nik Wallenda over Niagara (Niagara Falls)—Once you've been to Niagara, and have stood so close to the 700,000 gallons of water rushing over the top of Horseshoe Falls, that you could almost reach out and touch it, you really don't forget that feeling of awe. (Photo:
I never have, even though I was just a child when I visited there—I can close my eyes and almost hear that roar in my ears.
No doubt the same is now true for Nik Wallenda, except in an extraordinarily unique way, as he became the first person to successfully walk over Niagara Falls, Friday night—from the American side to the Canadian—on a high wire.
Nik Wallenda over Niagara This was the fulfillment of a 27-year-dream of Nik's, now 33, and one he's trained, planned for and petitioned the Canadian and American authorities to temporarily lift the current ban on stunts involving Niagara Falls, which they finally agreed to for his walk only. (Photo:

When he completed his incredible feat, he had crossed into Canada, and was met on the other side by a border agent who asked him, "What is the purpose of your trip sir?"
Nik replied, "To inspire people around the world."
And inspire he surely did!
ABC carried the broadcast of the historic event, and equipped Wallenda with a headset so the entire television audience could hear his comments and conversation with his father from the broadcast booth.
Nik Wallenda over Niagara Perhaps viewers weren't expecting the stirring commentary from Nik as he took step after step in the shoes his mother had made him specifically for the high wire. (Photo:
"It's an unbelievable view! I'm so blessed to be in the position I am; to be the first person in the world to be right here. …Praise You, Father God, Praise You, Jesus," Nik said as he praised and thanked the Lord throughout his entire walk.
As the famed mists enveloped him his steps seemed to slow, and after passing that point the 7th generation high wire walker admitted, "You know the mists were thick, and it was hard to see at times."
"This is what dreams are made of people," encouraged Nik to everyone listening at one point, "pursue your dreams and never give up. Mine might seem strange but anyone dealing with any battle; focus on that other side."
Wallenda family prayer The walk that began with the Wallenda's traditional family prayer, ended with Nik's promised phone call to his grandmother who was "too nervous to watch." (Photo:
In a post-walk news conference, Nik noted that "Faith plays a huge roll in what I do. I believe God has opened many doors for me in my life and this is one of them. …To inspire people around the world; let them know the impossible is not so impossible if you set your mind to it."
What are the doors Nik feels God is opening to him next?
"I have permits to be the first person in the world to walk across the Grand Canyon," Nik Wallenda told reporters.