Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Importance of Praying for Your Spouse

…and those “nudgy” reminders from God.

I find it quite fascinating the tools, and circumstances God will sometimes use to get a person’s attention. (Think burning bush, talking donkey, a hand writing on the wall, or—in the Apostle Peter’s case—a sheet loaded with all manner of yucky crustaceans and critters not normally on a good Jew’s menu)

And yet, most of the time—at least for those who happen to be receptive to it—God just gives a gentle nudge.

A reminder.

Today I was reminded of the importance of praying for my husband. …The great magnitude of a couple praying for each other.

Certainly over these more than 24 years of marriage I have found that my best counselor has been God. Even when it’s not the answer I thought I’d hear!

As I’ve brought my husband, myself, and our marriage before the Lord in prayer, the “gentle nudges” of direction and prodding, coupled with the immense encouragement of God’s love, have been pretty incredible. And it’s free—though sometimes costly in the laying down of pride.

A couple nights ago I asked my husband if he ever prayed for me, just because I was curious. He answered honestly that he did; though it should be more often. The same was true for me.

Later the next day I called him at work, and he told me he was just in the middle of praying for me. There’s something so heartening about knowing your spouse is asking God to watch over and protect you, let me tell you!

That brings me to today.

My husband came home at lunchtime to pick up something he’d forgotten that morning. As he left, he told me he was going to pray for me on his way back to work, and I told him I would for him as well.

I sat down in my home office and began to get busy working again, when suddenly I got the “nudge”—the reminder from God to pray.

So, I stopped everything and prayed for my husband. Just as I was finishing, the phone rang—it was him.

He said, somewhat excitedly, “Did you pray?!” He asked that because a moment before he was almost in an accident that would have most likely injured the driver of the car in front of him when he suddenly stopped short. My husband had to swerve off to the side of the car to avoid hitting it, leaving a trail of rubber on the road for at least a yard. As it was, the operator of his “near miss” yelled, “That was some good driving!”

On the phone, my husband sounded shaken up, but very relieved not to have hit the car. Now, that entire close call must have taken place just as I was praying for my husband’s protection, among other things.


I guess each person who reads this will have to make their own judgment call on that.

But, I think you know what I would say.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Put Down that Magnifying Glass before You Burn Someone!

Ahhhh the magnifying glass...

It can be helpful, ie: looking at bugs on leaves at school, or using it to read the print of your favorite author because you don't want to admit the need for glasses.

Helpful yes, but it can also BURN!

C'mon... we've all done it. Collect a handful of dried, fallen leaves and place your magnifying glass "just so" above the small pile, while the sun does its trick creating a laser beam. It starts as a brown dot and suddenly the entire discarded foliage is on fire.

As is often the case, this illustration is applicable in each of our lives. The burning comes when the magnification is focused too long on one thing. Most of the time someone else is holding the magnifying glass--but sometimes, we do it to ourselves.

And, what does this simple-yet-intriguing invention really do anyway? It MAKES BIGGER what is SMALL.

If you've found yourself holding that magnifying glass on someone else--or even yourself--keeping it zeroed-in on whatever flaw might be enhanced; I have three suggestions:

1. Remember, the objects (flaws) in the glass appear LARGER than they actually are! (I think it says that on your side-view mirror)

2. If you are always looking through the magnifying glass, you will miss the BIG PICTURE that surrounds you.

3. If you leave the magnifying glass focused on the subject at hand for too long, you will cause irreparable damage.

So, please... before someone gets hurt (really hurt); put down the magnifying glass and step away!