Monday, June 24, 2013

Nik Wallenda's Historic Skywire Walk across Grand Canyon Amazing on Several Levels

With nearly every step, Nik is fervently praying, live on TV beamed all around the world and online to millions hanging on every inch of progress.

Nik Wallenda When I first watched 7th generation high-wire walker Nik Wallenda walk across Niagara Falls it was without any audio feed. Always having been a huge fan of the breathtaking waterfall, I thought it was an incredible feat. (Photo: Discovery Channel) 

And then I watched the replay of Nik's walk, this time with the audio feed enabled.
Though I'd been a Believer in Jesus for over two decades prior, Nik's obviously (and audibly) strong faith and reliance on the Lord as he took each perilous step was akin to being in a Holy Spirit-filled revival meeting for me.

There's just something about fearlessness and faith in action.

Naturally, I was excited for his next wire-walk—this time over the immense and spectacular gorge that becomes the Grand Canyon a little further on from where Nik would cross.
Elders of the Navajo Nation graciously gave Nik permission to execute the feat on their land.

Nik Wallenda This would be equally as astounding as wire-walking over Niagara, except the fact that Nik would not be fettered with any tether (or any net below) at his own request; the stakes were amped to the utmost. (Photo: Discovery Channel) 

The stunt would literally be life or death, as the 1,500 foot drop would likely be terminal.
And a good portion of the world would be watching live (with a 10 second delay) thanks to the Discovery Channel, which acquiesced to Nik's request to leave behind the tether he was made to wear over Niagara.

As the countdown for the start of the walk drew near, I hopped onto the highly populated #Skywire Twitter feed. Most of the comments indicated—along with excitement—great concern and tension regarding the walk… "This is crazy!" "Why would he risk his life with his family watching?"

Nik Wallenda I would've been feeling something similar no doubt, except I've been reading Nik's book, "Balance" and I knew this is definitely something of a calling for him. One that his family understands because it's what they've always known. (Photo: Discovery Channel) 

Not unlike Joseph in the Bible, God has given Nik destiny-filled dreams from a young age; he is just pursuing what the Lord has evidently purposed for him to do.

This is pretty apparent from the way God seems to be using the gifting and talents He's bestowed on Nik, and how this Christ-centered man, who has known the wire-walking passion from age 2, is giving God the glory at every opportunity.

At a time in our country's history when a state has to pass a law to be able to use the term "Merry Christmas" without legal ramifications, and a cheerleading team is sued for writing Bible verses on their home game banners; here is Nik Wallenda thrilling the world with his passionate pursuit of both God and the skywire.

Nik Wallenda With nearly every step, Nik is fervently praying, live on TV beamed all around the world and online, with millions watching, hanging on every inch of progress. (Photo: Discovery Channel) 

As he looks down, Nik praises Jesus for His awesome creation, as the gusts kick up Nik asks over and over for the Lord to "calm these winds by the authority of Jesus." With every painstaking step over the canyon 1,500 feet down, he prays "Thank You Father, praise You Jesus."

The Presence of God is intense.

There is also the devoted and vitally important relationship Nik has with his earthly dad that is broadcast to every viewer, as Nik's father Terry—who scrupulously and meticulously oversees the engineering of the cable his son walks on—encourages him through a headset the entire way.

Nik Wallenda "Take your time," says his father near the end of the walk, "I am" answers Nik, but as he steps back over the land on the other side with his family in view, he breaks into a wire-jog, grabs off the 30' long, 40 lb. balancing pole with ease and jumps to the ground kissing it in victory. (Photo: Discovery Channel) 

The relief felt around the world is palpable.

This week major decisions are being wrestled with in the US Supreme Court—decisions that could completely change this country in ways we likely can't yet or would want to imagine.
But, last night, for 22 minutes up on a skywire perched 1,500 feet above perilous beauty, Nik Wallenda led another revival meeting with the world watching and intently listening.
An amazing, inspiring act of fearless faith in action.

Thank you Nik.

If you're a fan, I recommend reading Nik's book, "Balance," in it you'll see that his relationship with Jesus Christ, and his devotion to his family, is central to who he is and all that he does.

Follow this link to watch portions of this historic skywire walk across the Grand Canyon.